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I just found the answer to my BICYCLES EVERYWHERE problem! Leonardo hooks! I can’t wait to get them on my patio.

I am OCD and my husband is 5 hours away until tomorrow. I am afraid I will not sleep until they are up. I was going to go buy them now, but I know I will attempt to power tool them into the side of my house if they are here. 

I hate that I am so impulsive. I find something, and I have to get it here and installed right away! If not, I obsess. 

I had him remove laundry room doors to install beautiful curtains last week. He took out the doors and never put up the curtains! I can’t even look at it.  It’s more like a laundry closet. A now DOORLESS laundry closet.

I am going to rearrange my patio while I patiently wait for him to return home. He better not give me any “I’m too tired from travelling” shit either. 

I am too tired of tripping over bikes! I am also too tired of having a doorless laundry room.

Is it tomorrow yet?

If you have a bike storage issue- CHECK OUT THESE HOOKS! They are really great! Amazing alternative to the huge racks or the bikes dangling from the ceiling problem. Those bulky wall racks are not a good look.

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