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Someone get Kanye West and all the hipsters on the horn!

My son was doing a little Marketing Research last night. For his Lego business empire.

He found a future competitor

$25.00 for a Lego Bowtie! This kid may be on to something here.

He is smart, so he decided to list his for $10. 

He also found some pins for $15! He is listing at $7.50

I haven’t been taking this too seriously. Of course I encourage him because it is an adorable idea. BUT I didn’t realize there was an actual market for this stuff. Thank god there is! He might actually sell something!

This totally beats sitting in front of the tv all summer. Not that I would allow that, but he would try.

He has big plans for his summer business mogul earnings.

My daughter has plans herself. She was hired as the official “SuperModel” for this company. Her first endorsement deal! 

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Someone get this kid a mic and a spot on Fox news.

My son this morning- Why are you for Obama and not Mitt Romney? (8 AM)

Me- For lots and lots of reasons. 

My son- Like what.

Me- Well Mitt Romney thinks rich people shouldn’t have to pay higher taxes, even though we are in a big mess with money, because his rich friends started an expensive war. Do you know what taxes are?

My son- yeah. When you get paid they come and take some of your money to pay Obama and make police cars. If rich people make so much money why do they care? They will still be rich right?

Me- Yes out of your paycheck. They dont pass a collection plate. It is automatic. It also pays for a lot of other things including war. Yes they will still be rich.

Me- Mitt Romney also has strong opinions about women and pregnancy. There are ways to prevent having babies and he is not supporting all of those ways. 

My son- Babies are hard work. If a lady doesn’t want to have one she shouldn’t. Maybe she can’t wake up all night with one because of her job. He shouldn’t say anything about it cause he is not helping her at night. Babies also cost lots of money and he doesn’t have to pay for her baby. It isn’t fair that he tells girls to have babies.

Me-  It’s more complicated than that, but yes. 

Mitt Romney is also very religious and a lot of his ideas are based on his religious views.

My son- But what about people who aren’t his religion. Not everyone believes in the same God.

Me- You are a lot smarter than most people and you are just 10. You are right about that. Not everyone believes the same.

Mitt Romney also doesn’t think that gay people should be married.

My son- THAT GUY IS A JERK. Can I go with you to vote? I want to put one in for Obama. 

*** Please do not message me any rebuttals or attacks. This is not an open political discussion. It was a talk I had with my kid. If you don’t like what I said- Too bad. 

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Parenting tips!

I have alot of mom blog followers. Most of which have toddlers. I wanted to share a couple of tips that have saved my life as a parent with you all.

I have 2 kids. They are 9 and 10 years old. They are awesome and also straight A students. (TOOT TOOT -my horn)

I gave birth at 19 years old to my son and at 20 to my daughter. I didn’t know shit about shit when I had them. I was fortunate to have a husband to support us, so I’ve been lucky to stay home with them for the past 10 years. We all learned together. I also NEVER had babysitters. I have no family and his family lives very far. My friends were 19 and 20, so they weren’t trying to stay home with kids for me. It was all me… all the time.

Before I begin: I am not saying I am some super mom with all the answers up here on a high horse, I just came across a few life savers and thought I would share.

Tip 1: THE LIE DOT. This saved my life. My kids are 1 year apart. That means I had a 2 and 3 year old, in the same house, at the same time, every day. Then they turned 3 and 4 and so on. I call those years “Viet-Mom”. It was high stress all the time. I listened to Rosie O’Donnell being interviewed once (I know I know… just hear me out) She explained that her kids believed that moms have super power eyes and whenever a child lies to her, a little red dot shows up on their forehead that only she can see. Well  if you have 2 kids you know how they blame each other FOR EVERYTHING. Whenever something went down they would both run to me and blame each other…. The one who lied would either look away or even cover their forehead so I couldn’t see the magic dot. It was AWESOME!  Totally works.

Tip 2: I READ BOOKS. ALOT OF THEM. I learned so many great tips on parenting. I also used my pediatrician as a mom coach. The best book I have ever read is: PARENTING WITH LOVE AND LOGIC. Get it! The whole concept of that book is, not screaming and punishing out of control toddlers all day, and timeouts for half the day do not work. It is giving them choices and letting them deal with consequences of those choices. You know what happens with that concept? By the time the kids are in highschool and faced with real life issues, they make the right choices because they have been dealing with consequences of their actions since they were toddlers. My kids are older now and I promise you, it worked. Consequences are based on your children of course. I used, afternoon walk cancellations, park cancellations, and I had a toy drop bin on top of the fridge that their favorite toys would go into for a day. The next day, when the time came to get back their privileges, we would have a talk 15 minutes prior to re evaluate why they lost it in the first place, and then it was business as usual. It has since evolved. My kids now have 1 hour before bed for “electronics” As long as homework, shower, reading, dinner and a clean room has been accomplished that day- from 7:30 to 8:30 they have computer, tv and video game time. That is what I use now for consequences. They lose 15 minutes of it for minor issues and the whole hour for major. YOU DO NOT NEED TO SPANK KIDS. It just is not necessary. 

Tip 3: This is great for older kids… Kindergarten and up. Whenever we are out and they do something out of control I mimic the behavior exactly.

Here is an example: a few months ago we went to a restaurant, nothing fancy just a pizza place and thank god there weren’t a lot of people there. My kids ran in and dove into a booth and started rolling around. Instead of freaking out I chose to dive into the booth across from theirs and roll around. THEY WERE MORTIFIED. I asked what was wrong? They said I was embarrassing them. I told them… “So if I look like a complete nut job doing what you’re doing, what do you think you look like?” I have done this a few times and because of that, whenever they are about to do something I ask…. “Is it cool if I start hanging off the aisles of this supermarket too? Or would I look crazy?” Within seconds they surrender. This is also great for crying. If we are out and they get all sensitive about not getting candy or some other major kid drama, I will start sobbing, LOUD. I say things like “Ohhh Life is SOOOOO UNFAIR, Whyyy can’t my kids get Skittles at 8 am?!!? Whyyyy is this Post office soooooo booooring?!?!” and so on. They get it together QUICK. Works every time. You can’t out humiliate me kids! I will always win. CHECKMATE!

And this is not a tip but common sense:

If you say you are going to do something DO IT. If you start throwing around empty threats you will LOSE AT PARENTING. No TV for an afternoon doesnt mean “If you cry really hard or get a little annoying I will crack” it means NO TV-NO MATTER WHAT. 

My pediatrician gave me the best scenario when it comes to this. (I know kids aren’t dogs, he wasn’t implying that, he was trying to make me understand with a visual)

"If you don’t want a puppy to scratch your door, don’t open the door when he scratches it"

If you think about that one it makes perfect sense. 

I hope someone reads this and takes a tip or 2 from it. And if anyone has any pre-teen tips-PLEASE inbox that shit! 

Not my kids but I can totally see the lie dot on the (left side) child’s forehead

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Happy Birthday Angel.

On this day 10 years ago I was a young 19 year old sitting in a hospital bed in a labor and delivery room. I have never been so scared in my life. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy at 8 pm and he terrified me. I spent the following 2 weeks learning how to be a mother and apologizing to this gorgeous child for ruining his life with my lack of experience. We made it a decade so far. I am so proud of that 19 year old girl. She got it together…. For him. She didn’t ruin him, she grew up next to him. She taught him, loved him, and mothered him. She didn’t know what the hellI she was doing and she had no help. There were no grandmas or babysitters, just her figuring it out. Her motherly instincts guided her and she raised one hell of a kid. He is smart, funny, charming, and sweet. She couldn’t have dreamt up a better outcome. Today is not just his birthday, but the day she was reborn. It has been one hell of a journey and he was worth the ride. I am so proud of my son.


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